“We are committed, dedicated professionals offering unwavering positive attitudes that use health & fitness to transform the body, mind, & spirits of our clients.”

We Change Lives. It is a big statement and even a bigger commitment. This is why Fitness and Fun Transformation Center exists today. When I opened Fitness And Fun in 1995, I felt there had to be a place in the community that demonstrated that someone truly cared about the people here and supported the fitness needs as individuals. This was at a time when the fitness industry was still growing in leaps and bounds and I was in my early twenties (still wet behind the ears).

I decided that the only way for me to become the best coach (the best personal trainer) I’d have to learn from the best. I read every book, article, trained with every body builder and fitness enthusiast that I could. I learned what worked and what didn’t and after years of trial and error and using personal training as my vehicle to help people, I finally started to hone in my craft and continue work on getting better every day. I now take my coaches to at least two major fitness events per year regarding physical exercise from the leaders and trailblazers in my industry.

As my personal training clients got slimmer, more toned, looking and feeling younger, and in optimal health made my business grow like crazy and thus my group classes were born. My love for fitness is even stronger than it was since the beginning and my passion is reflected in my hand picked staff.

I know from my own personal experience how important it is to have a second to none coaching, guidance, and support, while providing expert coaching and training every step of the way. We earn our clients trust by listening, caring, and guiding. This is why we are considered the go to place for fitness, helping hundreds of South Bay residents of all ages achieve amazing results in a very short time. We appreciate the support of the community for allowing is to continue our mission to “change lives” as well as helping members live a higher quality of life through fitness and fun!

And I must mention my dad was a hall of fame athlete and taught me the importance of discipline, hard work, team work, and trying to be the best that I could be in everything I do. Without his guidance, none of this could have been possible.

Fitness and Fun Body Transformation Center, Boot Camp, and all of are other programs are fast, fun, and designed to get you to look and feel amazing. Torrance, Ca will never be the same because of our relentless commitment to make our community healthier.

Armando Gutierrez

Owner/Head Coach at Fitness & Fun Body Transformation Center


3967 Pacific Coast Highway, Torrance, CA 90505

1458 240th Street, Harbor City, CA 90710

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