Aidan Rector

This week’s Fitness And Fun Body Transformation Center Client Spotlight goes to Aidan Rector. If you’ve ever wondered who the really cool dude with the beard is at 5AM, that’s him! He and his wife Crystal have been coming to our Fitness And Fun Boot Camp classes in Torrance since 2013, and the 5AM class simply wouldn’t be the same without them.

He is an avid backpacker, a runner, a Highland Games Athlete, and an overall exceptional human being who motivates and encourages everyone around him.

His positivity and energy are infectious and we’re so proud of him for all he has accomplished so far on his health and fitness journey.

We look forward to seeing him continue to get “better, stronger, faster” here at FFTC. Keep up the GREAT work Aidan!

“I get as much or more from the people at my gym as the workout. I see people here everyday changing their lives one rep at a time. It inspires me, excites me, and motivates me to STAY STRONG!”