Make Yourself A Priority

You simply can’t go wrong by making yourself a priority. For Joyce, this week’s Fitness and Fun Transformation Tuesday, her health and wellness became something she committed to last year and her results have been awesome. Joyce has since lost over 30lbs pounds and not only has she kept it off and continues to progress daily! But the numbers are just a bonus, your top priority should be having a healthy relationship with your body and striving to be better every day. Her husband Jay has also lost over 30lbs since he started at FFTC South Bay with her. Congratulations on all your success Joyce, we love having your smile in the facility every day!

“It all began October of last year when I joined Fitness and Fun Transformation Center. I tried different workout programs in the South Bay and none of them were very impactful. I went to an Nutritional Consultation/orientation for one of the Fitness and Fun programs and it really put into perspective why I needed to do this for myself and it set the tone for me.

To be honest, before joining this South Bay Boot Camp I was pretty lazy when it came to exercising but after the meeting I really had this sense of commitment from Armando (Owner and personal trainer) that would inturn influence my own commitment to my weight-loss goals. Honestly, I was scared out of my mind to start the program. I expected to be yelled at and to be embarrassed working out. It was not like this at all;  Armando, his personal trainers, and everyone working out with you is so welcoming, nice, and very encouraging.

I never imagined a boot camp could be so fun! I especially enjoy the variety of workouts on a daily basis that challenges and burns every part of your body.  I’ve tried many forms of exercise but working out at FFTC has by far been the most effective fitness program for immediate and long-term results. Lastly, the meal plans and advice are very helpful and the nutritional information is always in the back of my head. The personal trainers, the fun atmosphere, and the intensity of the workouts keep me going 3-4X per week.

I’ve lost over 30lbs since I started Fitness and Fun Transformation Center and have not taken a break since. You can say I’m addicted! I have dropped down a few dress sizes, lowered my body fat, and blood pressure. Most importantly, I’ve gained strength, stamina, confidence, and discipline. I have more energy throughout the day and I sleep better too. The results are everything Armando promised.

Joining this Transformation Center was one of the most challenging yet most rewarding things I have ever done in my life. I love it here and always look forward to class especially if I’ve had a bad or tiring day. I always feel good at boot camp. I love Armando’s coaching style and personality and the fun atmosphere he’s created. Thanks Armando!”