"... In 3 Months I Lost 41 Lbs"

If you are one of “those” people that  has tried everything to lose weight and nothing works or you give up you definitely need to check out this gym!!

I WAS one of those but with the help of the 6 Week Transformation Program Fitness & Fun Transformation Center offers in 3 months I lost 41 lbs, and 6 pant sizes! WOW! I can hardly believe it myself! Armando and the team here at Fitness & Fun Transformation Center are amazing!!


- Adriana

"Fitness & Fun Transformation Center Has Changed My Life"

Fitness & Fun Transformation Center has changed my life. Once I started, I couldn’t stop. It’s been a year since then and I’ve not only gained muscle but I’ve gained a new family, my 5 am family. On top of the challenging workouts, awesome trainers and clean facility, the people around you are always positive, helpful, and willing to give you a smile even at 5 am.

Armando has done an excellent job on expanding his gym for all of us to enjoy. For those who continue to say that they don’t have time to workout… Come to 5 am classes and you’ll feel amazing, plus be able to get home for you husband, children, or bf.

- Tess

"Love, love, love, this place!"

Armando and all the trainers are fantastic at coaching, motivating, inspiring – and making you work out harder and stronger than you ever have before. They keep you coming back with varied and challenging workouts for all levels. The regular classes are great but the 6 week Transformation program is absolutely amazing. All the trainers are so supportive and truly inspire and push you to get results.

If you listen and follow and out in the work, you will see results. I lost 21 pounds in 6 weeks and 7 inches off my waist. But it’s not just a 6 week program – it has been about changing the way I eat and exercise and creating new habits so I can maintain. If you want challenging workouts with results and the support to make it happen, this is the place for you.

- Kim R

"This place is amazing..."

You will make new friends and achieve your fitness goals. One thing I’ve learned from this place is to STTP (Stick to the plan) and you will achieve your results. I personally have lost over 50lbs following the models introduced at this location. Don’t be afraid to trust Armando and his staff; they know what their talking about and they will make your dreams come true.

- Dwayne

"I absolutely love working out now!"

I am thankful to God everyday for friends who led me to this gym. Fitness and Fun Transformation Center is exactly that! I’ve had knee issues which had previously held me back, but not anymore. Armando has taught me how to push myself beyond what I thought I could do in a fun, safe, and supportive environment. Armando gives me the modifications I need for my knee and I get great, tough workouts. I’ve completed a 6 week transformers class and a 12 week transformers class and oh my goodness how my body has changed.

I have a much healthier lifestyle than ever before. I am down 50+ pounds and getting stronger every day. I’ve made many new friends and look forward to being encouraged by Armando and by my fellow transformers! I’ve also tried a few of the bootcamp classes and they are terrific. If you haven’t tried this gym you really, really should – it will change your life!

- Suzanne

"This has truly been an awesome experience!"

I have had thee best transformation experience ever. Armando and Jessica are truly a class act. A team that works together for the benefit of helping us transform into what we were meant to be. I would recommend this gym to anyone who is looking to transform and to get in great shape. I lost 15 lbs so far and I will be going back to lose another 10lbs. The energy at this gym is through the roof.. Thanks guys for an awesome experience…Keep up the great work.

- Tracey

"Now I am 20 lbs lighter..."

7 weeks ago I was checking all these reviews and decided to trust THE Armando power. Now I am 20lb lighter, writing review with big Five stars. Everyone put all good comments with details here but I want to say one thing. If you think it is good and right for you, dont think too much and ACT now! START now. I enrolled my 2nd round transformation program!

- Song C.

"I lost 71 lbs at FFTC!"

I have nothing but the highest respect for this facility and it’s team of trainers. I lost 71 lbs at FFTC! I will forever be grateful for the encouragement I received and the strength I’ve gained. Armando (head trainer and owner) has built not only a gym but a community of amazing people. If you’re looking for a gym, stop searching and come visit. You won’t regret it.

- Frani